Your Guide To Writing A Friendly Reminder Invoice

Nurturing a friendly and loyal relationship with the customers would be very much propitious for your business. However, to be successful in the long term then you must manage your business finances properly by avoiding any unpleasant or unethical behaviors by the client-side or the customers’ side. This might contain some basic aspects such as accounting, administrations or logistics or even asking for the overdue payment. It is a major crisis for so many businesses to handle the company’s value and the customers’ support in asking for a friendly payment reminder. Also, there are some questions, like how many reminder invoices I have to send? Or how can I send the friendly payment reminder even after the overdue? Or when I need to be polite and when to be harsh in the invoice reminder? And so.

In this article, we are going to provide answers to all of such questions. There are some etiquettes present to use in the reminder email for your customers. It is pivotal to keep your tone in the invoice reminder friendly. This is because only by providing a friendly reminder bill you could achieve a strong rapport with your customers.

In many companies, the problem they are facing would be the dispute induced between the customer and company since not formulating the invoice reminder friendly. However, these can be resolved by various methods. If you follow the guidelines provided below then you could effectively create a friendly reminder bill.

Guidelines to follow in formulating a friendly reminder bill

A week before the deadline

When drafting an invoice reminder, the company has to be proactive. Sending a friendly payment reminder by letter or as a reminder email six to seven days before the due date will help the customer to keep track of their due dates. This reminder email has to be friendly, to keep the customers in a good position to pay. If the reminder invoice is not friendly at these times, then the customers would be disappointed with the service provided by the company.

Here it is best to provide a detailed invoice reminder. So, that there would be no misunderstanding with the customer that might affect their payment procedures. Also, it is important to add your contact information to all of your invoice reminders. So, that the customers would be comfortable in contacting you in case of any issue. It is just a reminder invoice, and you have to be short and polite. Do not try in anywhere the fault of the customer for not paying this long.

On the due date

This is the most important stage in testing your friendly and polite manner with the customer. Since the due has come and the customers still have not paid the amount. What would you do? Will you be shouting at your customer for their remission? Or would you be complying with the customer and benevolently will hear out the reasons for the customers’ delay?

Many successful business firms often prefer the second option. The money could be earned by any other means, but the trust of the customer could only be earned through your polite and friendly approach. This does not mean you have to be so caring and comply with all the customers’ inappropriate actions. So, your freundliche Erinnerung Rechnung must have crisp and succinct information regarding what is this reminder email is about. And the deadline that has been predefined has passed. 

A couple of days after the due

This approach will be depending on your rapport with your client. Only after considering this, you can conclude that the reminder invoice must be either after a couple of days or after a week after the overdue. For instance, if your customer is usually a late payer, then you can provide him or her a full week time, only if they have assured you in past with time given full amount will be paid in a single payment.

Else the invoice reminder must have to be sent in a couple of days after the due date. However, the reminder mail could be comparatively direct about their overdue, and surpassing the prescribed due date, still, your tone must be friendly. This on the whole must still be maintained as a friendly reminder bill from the company’s side.

By providing invoice reminder friendly, even after the due date has been passed will enhance the trust and the responsibility of them to pay the money back further. This will be a suitable and favorable way to captivate both market place and customers’ trust.

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