A List Of The Biggest BNPL Companies In Singapore At Your Behest  


BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) options are gaining popularity in Singapore with firms providing interest-free installment payment options on online purchases made by consumers. “Buy Now Pay Later” solutions allow consumers to buy and satisfy their needs.

The growth of internet connectivity and the mobile market have made it easier to access a suitable solution for consumers and prompted users to make transactions online.

The COVID-19 epidemic has affected the income of many households and placed an economic burden on the household. The tech-savvy consumer has been ecstatic about the change in financial services with “Buy Now Pay Later” solutions and has been able to beat COVID-19 blues.

The Most Popular BNPL Gamers In Singapore

The best BNPL companies in Singapore are listed below –

  • Atome

The “Buy Now, Pay Later” technology firm launched its service in December of 2019 and is now partnered with more than 22,000 retailers both online and offline across a variety of verticals, including fashion cosmetics, beauty, homeware, and lifestyle. Atome enables customers to divide their purchases into three equally-sized installments over time, without the cost of interest, hidden charges, or annual costs. Atome has extended its reach into Greater China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

  • Hoolah

Hoolah is an all-channel “Buy Now, Pay Later” platform located in Asia. This is based Singapore and also serving Malaysia as well as Hong Kong, and it is believed to be expanding rapidly.

  • OctiFi

With OctiFi online credit is expected to be transformed to make it more accessible to all customers. The company is utilising modern technology to redefine the experience of shopping and make it simple for all businesses to provide responsible credit to their consumers. OctiFi was conceived of as the moonshot goal to revolutionize the financial industry, beginning by focusing on Southeast Asia.

How To Pay Off Your Debts Quickly

Do you wonder How can I clear my debt fast in Singapore? Rest assured that the following guide would help you with clearing your debts quickly. If you have accrued high-interest debts on multiple accounts or credit cards, you must immediately consolidate all of your debt into one location. Your new debt repayment plan will likely have a lower rate of interest rate than your current debt, which makes the payments easier to manage and/or makes the repayment time shorter.

The four most effective methods for consolidating credit card debt include

1. Zero Interest or Balance Transfer Credit Cards

2. Personal Loan

3. Line of Credit

4. Debt Consolidation Plan

How We Compare The Best Credit Cards By Dollar Value

With estimated monthly spending of $2000, we looked at the top credit cards available that are available to calculate the return value to consumers after two years, including rebates and deducting annual charges. It is important to note that dollar value is dependent on the spending habits of consumers and that is the reason we have chosen different cards to meet different requirements. We also take into account the benefits that are not tangible, such as accessibility, ease of use travel insurance, and access to airport lounges that are important but hard to measure. The method would help you find the best deals credit cards in Singapore.

To Sum It Up

It would be a boon for you to look forward to a suitable buy now pay later option that does not cost you a fortune. However, it would be pertinent to mention here that you should make the most of the buy now pay later option in grave emergency only. The higher interest rate associated with the option could hamper your financial condition further if you were not careful with it.


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