Why do criminal law firms need SEO? Find here!

As a criminal lawyer, you know what it takes to defend your clients. You probably have won many successful cases, but how do you get more leads and prospects? That’s precisely where online marketing comes in, and while there are many pillars of marketing, search engine optimization stands out. There are firms like Nifty Marketing that specialize in creating a digital strategy for criminal lawyers. The question is whether you should invest in SEO, and in this post, we have enlisted a few benefits. 

Getting organic traffic

You just don’t want random visitors on your website. Instead, when it comes to finding an attorney after getting arrested or charged with a crime, people should find you. SEO ensures that. With the right strategies, it can drive consistent and quality traffic to your website by focusing on relevant keywords. 

Better brand value

Because SEO helps generate targeted traffic for your website, it also helps your law firm’s brand value. Appearing on the early search results for targeted keywords is a sign of trustworthiness. People are more likely to discover your services and come for help. 

Great domain authority

If you use SEO effectively and take steps to acquire high-quality backlinks, your website will have better domain authority, which helps improve rankings. Websites with higher domain ratings are likely to get more visitors and leads. 

Is SEO enough to promote your criminal law firm?

The short answer is no. Organic traffic is great, but you need the power of PPC to get more leads. Google Ads and social media marketing can help you get more qualified leads who are more likely to become reliable customers. SEO is essential for sure, but you need a robust strategy, which includes search engine marketing, social media promotions, and content marketing. 

How do you start SEO for your criminal law firm?

Find an agency that has worked for legal websites and law firms and evaluate if they have experience with criminal lawyers. Check the pool of services they offer and make sure SEO is included in your marketing plan. While cost may seem like a more significant factor, if you choose a comprehensive service, you don’t have to spend extensively on multiple consultants and agencies and can save money. 

Start your SEO journey without delay because if you are not online and visible to your clients, you are a step behind your competitors. Choose a marketing firm now!

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Evelyn Adams