Travel Insurance For Families

Travel Insurance For Families: What You Need To Know

Travelling is now a vital aspect of our life, whether it is for business or pleasure. However, despite all the improvements in transportation infrastructure, one cannot ignore the dangers that come with travelling. 

Family travel insurance: What is it?

Family travel insurance from India offers security in the form of group travel insurance for the entire family. A typical family travel insurance policy will typically provide coverage for up to four dependent children and two adults. Family travel insurance is designed to shield the family from unforeseen financial circumstances brought on by travel-related mishaps.

Advantages of Family Travel Insurance

  • You can avoid the hassle of setting up individual travel health insurance plans for each family member by using the best travel insurance in India plan.
  • There will be a single premium due to the fact that the total covered is split among all family members. In addition, the premium will be lower than with traditional travel insurance plans. ##
  • You can alter the policy to suit the needs of your family. The travel insurance plan can be chosen for a single trip, a series of trips, or as an all-year plan.
  • When compared to purchasing individual insurance policies, family travel insurance plans are more cost-effective and the best option.
  • You can choose to add on extra insurance for things like personal accidents, medical evacuation, and repatriation.

What Is Covered By Family Travel Insurance?

The majority of travel insurance from India packages will cover the following unexpected events that could happen to you or your family.

  • When you or a member of your family becomes suddenly ill, passes away, or is injured while travelling abroad, emergency medical expenses may be incurred.
  • Accidental physical harm when travelling
  • The cost of a visitor’s ticket will be compensated if you are hospitalised for more than a predetermined number of days.
  • The costs of an urgent medical evacuation to India
  • Expenses incurred for burial abroad or for returning the insured’s mortal remains to the country in the event of an unlucky or premature passing away.
  • The insurer will pay for any passing away or permanent disability caused by an accident while riding on a common carrier.
  • Your checked luggage is being lost by the airline.
  • The cost of getting a new or replacement passport will be reimbursed if you lose yours.
  • The costs incurred will be reimbursed if the trip is postponed or cancelled due to dangers like natural catastrophes or airline medical issues.
  • The costs incurred will be reimbursed if a delay of more than a specific number of hours causes you to miss a connecting flight.

What Does A Family Travel Insurance Not Cover?

Some of the typical exclusions are shown below.

  • Pre-existing medical issues won’t be covered unless they’re life-threatening.
  • Costs associated with ailments like mental illness, anxiety, AIDS, HIV, suicide, and sexual illnesses
  • You won’t be covered if you go against a doctor’s recommendation or if you’re going abroad intentionally to get medical care.
  • War-related or nuclear-related actions that cause harm

## All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI-approved insurance plan. Standard T&C apply


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