How to Successfully Expand a Small Trading Account

A trading account refers to a trader’s primary account containing securities, cash or other holdings. It refers to an investor’s primary account to buy or sell assets within the same trading sessions. Traders can trade using an online trading app or a broker’s help. Several online trading apps train traders before they make any investment.  MO Trader, Upstox Pro App, ICICI Direct and Angel One are a few reliable online trading apps.

Why grow your Small Trading Account?

Before growing your Small Trading account you must know about the limitations of a small account. Trading with a small online trading account is more difficult than trading with a large account. Large trading accounts face unexpected losing streaks and are often buffered against mistakes. While large trading accounts are allowed to trade in any available market, small trading accounts are restricted to certain markets. Large accounts are allowed flexible trading while small ones are limited to long positions covered with cash.

Ways to Grow your Small Online Trading App

Start With Basics

A small online trading account is also the starting to comprehend the foundation of technical analysis. To start with, stay focused on essential aspects of cost, indicators and support resistance level. As you progress and feel confident with your trading skills, you can gradually move to larger timeframes in your trading journey.

Without understanding the basics of technical analysis it is impossible to understand the price moves in larger time frames. This means start analysing prices at five or one-minute charts and then gradually moving upwards to more elevated timeframes.

Follow Trends

One of the ways to grow your trading account is by following the trend. A trader must catch the trend and find stocks that can run for weeks and bring you profit. It is also necessary to be patient and not enter trades blindly. When a stock move upwards stick to it for a long time because there’s no point leaping from one trade to another.

Keep Records of your Transactions

Keep a trading journal that will allow you to record all your transaction and online trading. It will also help in reflecting your trading performance and provide you with a reference while reviewing and making further decisions. Pick a suitable journal that is large enough to accommodate the detail needed to maintain all integral trade information.

Use a Compound Interest Calculator

Compounding is earning from your principal account and reinvesting it.  But how does that work in an Online Trading Account? The basic principle is to hold your capital for a long period and reinvest the profits. Using a Compound Interest Calculator will help your small amount of money to grow into a substantial amount over a long period.


Being consistent while trading will get you close to the expected results. Consistency, Hard work, Big accounts and talent in trading help, but you also need luck, and you need to take chances for that.

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