Cracking the code- Secrets of the nexus rewards program revealed  

The program is free to join – sign up online or in-store with your email address. You’ll immediately earn points on every qualifying purchase from Nexus and their partner brands in-store and online. One hundred points equals $1 in rewards to redeem.   They are bonus of 500 points after your first purchase as a member to download the Nexus Rewards app too. It lets you easily track your points balance, activate bonus point offers, and redeem rewards from your phone. The app will also notify you about new limited-time deals and promotions. The first vital steps are familiarising myself with the program basics and setting up the app.

Maximizing your earning potential 

The program works; let’s try some ways to supercharge your points earning. The true secret to Nexus Rewards is that you earn points in many more ways beyond just making purchases. One of the best ways to rack bonus points is by activating limited-time offers in the app or via email. Nexus regularly runs promotions where you earn 2x, 5x or even 10x the regular points on specific product categories, brands or during a certain period. Recently, they offered 10x points on all Nike purchases during a week-long promo. Activating these offers is essential to accumulating points quickly. 

Another underrated way to boost your balance is by completing short surveys and questionnaires that Nexus occasionally sends to members. These typically only take a minute or two and reward you with 100-500 bonus points each. It’s an easy way to earn extra points by sharing your feedback. Log into your account on the i tried nexus rewards website and get your unique referral link to share. For each person who signs up using your link and makes a qualifying purchase, you’ll receive 1000 bonus points, and they’ll get 500 points, too.

Look out for bonus point mall events as well. A few times a year, Nexus will run 24-hour flash events where you earn 10x point’s sitewide, capped at a certain amount. These are prime opportunities to make large purchases you’ve been holding off on to get tons of extra points. Nexus will notify you of these events via the app and email.

Smart redemption strategies

While earning points is essential, redeeming them strategically for maximum value is equally crucial. Like earning, there are some critical tricks to getting the most bang for your buck when cashing in your Nexus Rewards. The first thing to know is that the value of your points varies depending on how you redeem them. For example, 5000 points could equal a $10 store credit, a $25 gift card, or a $50 discount on a hotel booking. In general, travel redemptions like flights, hotels and experiences tend to offer the highest per-point value. Merchandise and store credit usually give you the most negligible value. Gift cards are somewhere in the middle. Of course, the best redemption is the one that saves you money on something you were already planning to buy.

Finally, consider pooling points with family members. If multiple household members signed up for Nexus Rewards, you link your accounts and share points balances. This allows you to accumulate points faster collectively and redeem them for more valuable rewards. For example, you could combine forces to get 50,000 points and splurge on a dream tropical vacation package rather than settling for some smaller rewards individually.


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