Choosing The Best Errors & Omission for Insurance Agents 

Have you ever given professional advice on business matters, such as buying a house, legal advice, or financial advice and got sued from losses accrued? Errors and omissions insurance, E&O, is a form of insurance that protects you from being sued for losses due to negligence or unintentional mistakes. For insurance agents, however, E&O protects you from liability claims by clients, regulatory boards or third parties.

Liability claims are often complex, and determining the coverage requires understanding all the terms. You can consult a specialist who can brief you on all your coverage options. You may also check for errors and omissions insurance for agents, which is available online.

What Does E&O Insurance Cover?
For starters, E&O insurance will pay for the defense costs and any legal fees incurred if you are sued for losses due to negligence or unintentional mistakes. It does not protect you from fraud, deliberate wrongdoing or deliberate mistakes. E&O will protect you from the following:

  • Negligence
  • Errors
  • Misrepresentations
  • Omissions
  • Inaccurate advice
  • Contravention of fair dealing and good faith

How to Choose the Best E&O Insurance
Because of the evolving nature of the insurance industry, choosing the right E&O insurance for your business is essential. Doing so ensures the best protection for your insurance agency and your livelihood. To help you choose the best E&O insurance, consider these factors:

Insurer Type
Though there are many insurance companies, the best E&O insurance comes from insurers who are industry experts. For example, an insurer with a reputation for paying claims on behalf of clients will be able to help settle your liabilities with clients or third parties.

Choosing the E&O insurance that offers the highest deductible for your business needs would be best. For example, the deductible should match the agency’s expected losses and annual profits. A high deductible may be preferable if you only get a few claims during your policy period.

Claims Process
Some E&O insurance companies offer a claims process that is faster and more streamlined so that you can settle your claims more quickly. Choose an insurer that pays its claims so that you can settle your liabilities without going through a legal procedure.

Compare Different E&O Insurance Companies
To find an E&O insurance company that offers the best coverage for you, compare policies with different insurers. Comparing other E&O insurance policies gives you a clear idea of the best coverage for your business.

Types of E&O Policies
If you are a private citizen, you can choose between different types of policies. One is an all-inclusive umbrella policy where the client purchases coverage and provides liability coverage up to the policy limits.

E&O Insurance Policies that Cover Multiple Acts
To help protect your agency from claims by clients, third parties and regulatory boards, choose an E&O insurance policy that provides coverage for multiple acts. If you have a large organization or represent a large pool of clients, you may opt for a policy that serves as an umbrella policy and covers multiple acts.

Mistakes and liabilities are common for agents, which is why you need E&O insurance, to protect your business and livelihood. Consider hiring a reputable insurance agency, such as Inspirion Insurance Solutions, to help you choose the right E&O insurance policy that best suits your needs. 


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