52 Week Low Stocks in India

Investing in the stock market can be a rollercoaster ride with the prices going up and down based on various factors. One strategy that some investors use is to look for stocks trading near their 52 week low. However, these stocks are often overlooked due to their low prices. But sometimes these  52 week low stocks can also present unique opportunities of the investors.

Understanding 52 week low stocks

When a stock hits the 52 week low in India, it means that its current trading price has been the lowest in the past year. There could be many reasons for results like these such as, the poor performance of the company The industry trends, Changing market sentiments. For some investors a 52 week low stock India can be a warning to stay away, for others it might seem like an opportunity to invest to buy low in hopes of selling high in the future. Let’s explore the world of 52 week low stocks in India and how financial screeners can assist you in making informed investment decisions.

Why consider 52 week low stocks?

  1. Potential for rebound: stocks that are trading at their 52 week low may have the potential to rebound. Rebound refers to a turnaround from previous adverse behavior. Investing in 52 week low stocks is like buying on sale but for your portfolio. 
  2. Dividend: sometimes stocks that are trading at 52 week low stocks offer better dividends , providing a good source of income for investors.
  3. Opportunity: for value investors buying stocks when they are trading at a price lower than their intrinsic value can be a sound strategy, and 52 week low stocks can offer this opportunity to you. 

List of 52 week low stocks in India 

Here are some examples of 52 week low stocks that you can consider to invest 

  1. Zee Entertainment
  2. Delta Corp
  3. Rajesh Exports
  4. Alkyl Amines Chem
  5. Campus Activewear
  6. Best Agrolife
  7. Gandhar Oil Refinery
  8. EKI Energy Services
  9. Globus Spirits
  10. Vinati Organics

Examples of 52-Week Low Stocks in India

  1. Tata Motors: The TATA motor’s stock has faced challenges in the past year due to the global semiconductor shortage and other industry headwinds, but it has a strong presence in the Indian automotive market and could rebound once the supply chain issues are resolved.
  2. Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL): As one of India’s largest oil and gas companies, IOCL’s stock price may be impacted by fluctuations in global oil prices. However, the company’s strong fundamentals and government backing could make it a solid long-term investment.

There is always something to learn from such stocks and sometimes they provide a huge value opportunity. 


Investing in 52-week low stocks in India can be a rewarding strategy for investors willing to do their due diligence. Investors seeking stocks with strong momentum, positive market sentiments and potential growth in future. It is important to do thorough market research and analysis before investing into 52 week low stocks to mitigate risks and make informed investment decisions. By making use of financial screeners, investors can streamline the process of identifying potential opportunities and make informed investment decisions. Remember, while 52-week low stocks offer potential upside, they also come with risks, so it’s crucial to assess your risk tolerance and investment goals before diving into this strategy.


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